The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe narrated by Neil Gaiman


Thanks to facebook(which I am trying to stay away from) I found this. I loved this idea. I am going to find some more of these now, especially by Neil Gaiman.

The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe(a classic) narrated by Neil Gaiman on Youtube.

I loved how Neil Gaiman set it up with candles and a fireplace to add ambiance, that was a clever idea. And I tell you he is a master when it comes to narrating,  I could never get tired of listening to him telling stories. He just has one of those voices that was made for reading aloud. If you have not tried his audiobooks, I highly recommend it.

The poem itself,what can I say, it is a classic of all time. Any time I read one of Poe’s poems it makes me wish I could write like that. But sadly, mine always seems so juvenile. He is a master at world building. And the cadence and rhyming are spot on. I am always surprised when it is over, wishing there was more.

Definitely keeping ths for rereading. And might be a new Halloween tradition.

The Raven



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