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4 Christmas themed Cozy Mysteries


Even tho I am a witch, I still like Christmas. Here is my take on what Christmas means to me and why I celebrate it.

“Some people think Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus, I think it is to celebrate peace and love for all of us.” Renee Guill

I do my best to use the day to show love and peace, tho mostly peace. I usually spend it by myself, making candy and listening to Janet Evanovich’s Visions of Sugar Plums.

I have been reading a lot of cozy mysteries lately, to the point I got a burn out. Thinking I should get back into them, especially with all the great Christmas theme ones. I love a good Christmas story, I just do not like the God saved me type, so these cozy mysteries are just the thing I need. Here is a list of 4 that I have really enjoyed, even without reading the series.

Visions of Sugar Plums by Janet Evanovich is my go to every year. Sorry, no pic. I do the audiobook version. I was using Youtube, but now that I have access to the library, I will probably use the Libby app. This story is such a hoot, and I love that she has another character from a different series join in. Stephanie is a bail bonds agent and she is after a man named Sandy Claus who happens to have a toy factory in town. Turns out Diesel, from the Charmed Series is supposed to be protecting Sandy from someone, so he and Stephanie make a pact to help eachother out. The story even includes elves of a sort. Its hilarious, highly recommend it. Oh and you do not need to read either series to enjoy it, which I love. Lots of mayhem. And a sweet Christmas ending. Oh and a heads up, Stephanie Plum’s Twenty Six is coming out Nov. 12th! It is a good Thanksgiving themed novel.


Six Cats a Slayin by Miranda James is a must read for any cat lovers. This one  I won in a contest to read for an honest review. Diesel(I seem to like that name lol) the Coon Cat is a hoot. But this mystery has it all, cute kittens, and a twist that even I did not see coming, and I am usually good at that. I can say that it is also good for those wanting a LGTBQ novel. I never read the series and I did not feel lost. I do hope to read the series tho, cause I love books with cats as a sidekick.


Christmas Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke is a great read. I got this for free for an honest review. I like that it had two stories in one, as Hannah was reading a story and trying to find the mystery of that, which she did not know if it wasa true story or not. This said it was #23 in the series, but I think it is a prequel. I am hoping to read this series as well. Yes, I am way behind in my reading. lol But this had another one of those feel good Christmas endings, which I love.


Murder in the First Edition by Lauren Elliott is part of another great series, that you do not have to read in order, but it helps. I was lucky enough to be on the arc team. Sadly, I can not do that anymore thanks to my eyes and health. But this story is great, especially if you love antique books and hot men. I am still rooting for Simon. This had quite a few twists and turns, which I love. Everytime I thought I had it, boom! A twist made me second guess. And it had a bittersweet Christmas ending. I can not wait for book 5 to come out.


Needless to say, I am way behind on my reading these days, thanks to my poor health and eyes(why I love audiobooks now).


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