Libraries: A love/hate relationship


Thanks to being broke beyond broke, I have been using the library a lot more these days.  But, I never thought I would say this, there is a reason to hate libraries. Ok, hate might be a strong word, dislike maybe?

Here is my pros and cons list for libraries.


  1.  You can read, listen, watch and play things for free.
  2. You can get hard copies as well as digital ones.
  3. You can learn new skills for free. So no college loans needed.
  4. You can have help with researching anything for free.
  5. You can spend a whole day there and not get bored for free.
  6. You can make new friensds there, like by joining a book club.
  7. You can have help in finding a job, place to live, etc. for free.
  8. Some have help for seniors and/or mobility impaired for free.
  9. Free computer use and or wifi use.


  1.  The books, dvds,etc are only to borrow not to keep.
  2.  You can only borrow a certain amount.
  3.  There is a time limit, so if you can not finish a book, you still have to return it and hope that you can renew, but sometimes you have to wait.That is my least favorite part.
  4. You have to have a library card or memorize the card number.
  5. You need an ID and address to get the card.


row of books in shelf
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


As you can see, the pros outway the cons. The main thing that frustrates me the most is the timing issue, I am a slow reader. Tho, lately I have been doing the audiobooks on overdrive, still I have trouble reading it in time tho, thanks to my poor health.

But, the libraries have always been a safe haven for me. Ever since I was a little girl, I would hide there to get away from my abusive Mother. Later, when I had to live on the streets, it was a safe place to go during the day and kill time and find help by using their free wifi. Because of that, I am always advocating for them. I know my dream job was to work in a library, tho not able to these days, even if I could get that job.


Now, I am sure I missed a few pros and/or cons, but those were what came to mind.

Time for me to go find a book to listen too.

Peace, Renee aka Stardreamer

1 thought on “Libraries: A love/hate relationship”

  1. Really like this post as I spend a lot of time at libraries and am always comparing the pros and cons but never read someone else’s thoughts on them 🙂


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