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#HappyThanksgiving! – Fav book, dish, etc.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Or as I am now saying…Merry Thanksgiving! lol

I found another reason to enjoy being single and living alone. You can eat a pumpking roll with your coffee at 5am on Thanksgiving morning and not feel guilty about it. hehe

Since I do not have a working tv, I can not watch the parade anymore, and I hate football these days, so I am coming up with a new tradition. Reading or do you say listening to a Thanksgiving themed audiobook. This year I chose Janet Evanovich’s Thanksgiving. I admit I read it years ago, but do not remember it much and this time I am doing the audio book version. Will write a review when I am done.But she is my favorite author, so it seemed like a logical choice.

I admit I have mixed feelings about this holiday, tho to be fair, it seems like a lot of people are offended easily these days. I think am now thinking of this holiday as a way to give thanks to Mother Earth for her bounty and beauty. It saddens me how many people take her for granted and abuse her. I admit I was one of those people, but will be trying my best not to do that anymore. So, I am thankful to Gaia for her and pray that we will learn to take better care of her.

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One thing I look forward too is Jellied Cranberry sauce. I have to have that every year. I noticed they sell it all year long now, that sortof bums me out. lol But, I only eat it on Thanksgiving, I am weird like that. hehe

So, how about you… do you have a favorite dish and/or traditions? Also, what about any Thanksgiving themed books(I am always looking for new reads) Thanks bunches!

Merry Thanksgiving! Renee aka Stardreamer

2 thoughts on “#HappyThanksgiving! – Fav book, dish, etc.”

  1. I love jellied cranberry too! But my favorite dish is the sweet potatoes. We mash them with crushed pineapple and top them with corn flakes and brown sugar and bake it. I wait all year for this, because I only have it on Thanksgiving.

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