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#Monthly wrapup Novemeber 2019 and #weekly wrapup – #Blackfriday #Tbr etc.



I can not believe it is December already?!This year is going by way to fast for me. I feel like I have not done a whole lot, tho I did manage to read more books this year.

I am curious, who remembers when Black Friday was actually Black Friday? When people actually stood in line at 5am in the morning no matter how nasty the weather was? I myself, have never understood that concept. I mean what could be that important to get? Course, I have social anxiety, I hate the malls with a passion. Tho, I am torn, cause I like to see real stores succeed, I just find it is easier to deal with shopping online.  They said this year people spent 7.4Billion dollars online?! I mean, it is not even Cyber Monday yet, so why do we have Cyber Monday? I still see Black Friday ads all over, and I do not even have a tv.

birthday bow box card
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Now, speaking of my hate for shopping in stores, I will go to a bookstore, they are like a safe haven to me. Sadly, one of my favorites is no longer around,and another is in jeopardy, from the sound of it, thanks to Amazon. I will be writing a blog about this particular subject soon. But my favorite bookstore is Half Price Bookstore. I am always amazed at what I can find there and for the price. Yes, they are mostly used books, but as long as it is not torn, I do not care.

books old book knowledge bookstore
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Speaking of books, I am currently reading Candy Cane Murder by Joanne Fluke, Leslie Meier and Laura Levine. Loving it so far. Will be blogging about my December tbr pile soon as well.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, for those in the States! Remember, play it safe and when you are shopping, I have seen a lot of news about fights already.

Luv, Renee aka Stardreamer

1 thought on “#Monthly wrapup Novemeber 2019 and #weekly wrapup – #Blackfriday #Tbr etc.”

  1. One thing I don’t understand is why stores in the US started having Black Friday sales on Thursday – Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is all about spending time with your family, but now it’s all about getting those deals. I also don’t go out Black Friday shopping, but I did buy gifts online from small businesses since I think it’s better to support them vs the big box stores.
    Before I moved I loved going to Half Price Books too b/c you never know what you’ll find & it’s normally always a great deal!

    Tales of Belle

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